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Linda Hull is a freelance writer with twenty years of family friendly writing experience! She has been published in Christian and secular publications. Her work has been published in Australia, Great Britain, and the United States. Linda writes to inform, encourage, and inspire others to meet their goals. Linda believes engaging others by sharing Biblical information and application plus knowledge creates opportunities for life changing moments.


My Recent Projects:

-children's stories plus corresponding handcraft directions for Christian publisher

-blogging for Christian interdenominational ministry

-creating inspirational and secular greeting cards and gifts using my prose and photos

-SEO product descriptions for online shopping sites

-ghostwriting web content articles

-writing web content for new web pages

-writing articles for e-zines


Career High Points...

*From 1995-2012, I was the author, editor, and publisher of Words of Encouragement, a Christ-centered monthly e-zine. During that time, my subscription list and daily hits on my website steadily increased. More importantly, lives have been touched and changed.

*For fifteen years, I was a homeschool teacher. Consequently, I wrote a book called, Homeschooling:  The Modern Day One Room Schoolhouse for all those who want to homeschool, but don't know how to get started.

*As a contributing author for the anthology, Stolen Moments by Elizabeth Bezant and Pamela Eaves, I was privileged to participate in their effort to bring the issues of Alzheimer's Disease to the attention of the public. A portion of the book sales was used to support Alzheimer's Australia.

*Becoming a winner of the 2006 NaNoWriter Award was an amazing experience in discipline. Winners are required to write a novel of 50,000 words (175 pages) in 30 days during the National Novel Writing Month beginning November 1st and ending on November 30th by midnight.


 Personal Milestones... 

At 51, Linda completed her college education receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, Management, and Economics with a concentration in Organization Development. 

* Married, the mother of two grown sons, and a grandmother to two. 

* Linda is a veteran homeschooler with fifteen years of experience. 

* She and her husband attend and serve in a local church. 


A little history about Words of Encouragement...

Becoming a Christian as a young teen, Linda received the call to share her faith in Jesus Christ with others.  However, the thought of sharing her faith struck her heart with fear.  As with many of us, she was ill-prepared and ill-equipped.  So began a journey to learn and grow in Biblical wisdom and knowledge.  Linda understood the need for every believer to become discipled in God's Word, having struggled throughout her early Christian years to "make sense of it all".  

It seemed that the Lord was leading in the creation of a teaching ministry, so in 1995, as a wife and mother,  Linda began the "Words of Encouragement Newsletter" as a creative outlet to minister to women at home, raising a family.  This was no easy feat, since Linda was also home schooling. Time to write was sandwiched between activities at Church, home schooling, chores, and family time. 

The first issues were published bi-monthly beginning in September of that year.  It was a small beginning, but our Lord blessed.  Again, under the leading of the Lord, it was decided that monthly issues be provided starting with the June issue of 1996.  In the meantime, the May/June issue of 1996 marked the first issue published online.  New technology and Internet access provided a new venue for teaching others about Jesus Christ!  David Hull served as web master, and continues as a consultant.

Today, the Internet allows her the privilege of continuing her ministry of encouraging and teaching others through her Words of Encourgement Blog.  Linda knows from personal experience the transitions a woman goes through as she lives out her faith. Today as a grandmother, she has more time to write, and more time to devote to ministering to the needs of women trying to "make sense of it all". 

A wife and mother wears many hats, and Linda is no exception.  She has experience as a caregiver, teacher, crisis counselor, mentor, and life coach. Through the years, Linda has served as a Sunday School teacher, church administrator, outreach director, and Ladies' Bible study teacher.  She is also a certified Evangelism Explosion trainer.  God has well-equipped her to share her faith with others!  Linda looks forward to sharing Biblical wisdom and counsel with her readers.  

"Let's learn and grow together!"



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