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Linda Hull is a professional freelance writer with eighteen years experience who welcomes opportunities to assist you with your writing needs.    Enjoy reading Linda Hull's portfolio of published articles to gain an excellent understanding of her writing abilities and writing style.  

If you have any questions, please contact Linda at woehome@frontiernet.net 

Please note that all articles are copyright © 2001-2013 by Linda G. Hull, and may not be published or reproduced in any manner without my permission.



Articles on Devotional Christian Blog


For Love's Sake

Christmas Communication Confusion

Thanksgiving In the Midst of Turmoil

Fragile Souls

The Consequences of Neglect

On and Off  

Faithful and True

The Measure of Our Love

Who Do YOU Please?

A Good Record Keeper?

God Sees All

Read the Book

Open Season

Thoughts On Sowing and Reaping

The Value of the Lost One

Learning to Be a Willing Servant

Cultivating Discernment

Love In Action

Called To a Ministry of Reconciliation

Overcoming the Infectious Disease of Sin

Won Over by a Smile and a Hug

Fickleness Hinders Contentment

Valuable to God

Renewing, Reshaping, and Rebuilding

A Merry Heart

The Value of a Moment

Celebrating Independence?

Laid Off: God Knows, Hears, and Acts

Trusting and Waiting?

Anger Issues

Under His Wings

A Changed Life

Living God’s Plan

The Wisdom of Ants

Laying a Firm Foundation

The Mighty Men

Max the Moment!


Dealing with Sorrows of the Heart

Ready for the Rapture?

The Most Effective Witness

What to Do?

How to be a Good Mother


40 Days – The Rest of the Story

The Profane or the Pure?

The Blind Made to See

A Place of Refuge

Nothing Left Undone

What’s the Driving Force in your Life?

The Way of a Hero

Got Baggage?

Fight Doubt!

Life Support for a Worrywart

Jesus is the Answer to Any Crisis

Lessons in Trials and Troubles

What Seems Best to Him

Relationships are Built on Trust

Watching and Waiting at the Doorposts

Redeemed from the Jaws of Death

Learning to be Holy



Articles on FaithWriters

The Story of Red, a Bird Dog

Fear Can Ruin a Good Time





Frontline Magazine of Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International

Preventing Abuse in the Church - Sept/Oct 2003

Beginning Personal Bible Study - May/June 2004

Ministering to the Community - May/June 2006


Dollar Stretcher

The Recycled Computer

Reducing Pool Expenses

A Coal Stove for Savings


Priority Magazine

 Learning to Give


History's Women

Lottie Moon, Missionary to China



The Hazards of Holding On To Sin


Dabbling Mum

Surprised by Success


At the Center

The Making of an Effective Counselor

Adoption:  Part of the Counseling Plan


Words of Encouragement

Making a Choice About Abortion

Personal Evangelism



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"Stretched to my Limits" by Linda Hull is included in the anthology, "Stolen Moments", a compilation of inspirational stories about people living with Alzheimer's compiled by Elizabeth Bezant and Pamela J. Eaves. 

For purchase information go to Life's Inspirational Moments!


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