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Linda Hull of Words of Encouragement is experienced in writing content for websites, blogs, e-zines, print magazines, newsletters, and in providing copy for businesses and organizations. She has been published in Christian and secular publications. Plus she's a pro at research!

"After writing, editing, and publishing a monthly e-zine for seventeen years, I can tell you that I heed deadlines. I've created my own web pages and know the importance of good content that's easy to read and easy to understand. My strength is writing quality material and a consistent dependable performance. I can deliver a completed project in a timely manner in accordance with your specifications. Quality and timeliness are the keys to your success!

Let's talk about your project...I can help you achieve your goals!  Send an email to woehome@frontiernet.net  To ensure I see your request, please write "quote requested" in the subject line."



2013 - Present, Union Gospel Press
Writes children's curriculum booklet featuring children's stories and corresponding handcraft directions.

2013-Present, Far East Broadcasting
Freelance Devotion Writer for Christian Blog.

2011-Present, Words of Encouragement Blog
Personal blog written to discuss Current Events from a Biblical worldview, Bible truths, and Church Life.




2011-2012,  Devotional Christian Blog
Freelance Devotion Writer for Christian Blog.



"Homeschooling:  The Modern Day One Room Schoolhouse"  © 2009

Find help to get you started on your homeschool journey.  Learn from my experience as I walk you through the basics of legalities, curriculum selection, organization, goals, motivating your child, and testing.  This is a print on demand book about homeschooling published by Words of Encouragement.


Contributing Writer

"Stretched to my Limits." Stolen Moments. pgs. 2-5
ISBN:  0-9752373-2-2, published by Writing to Inspire

"Stretched to my Limits" tells my story about being a caretaker coping with my Grandmother's dementia.  Find more uplifting stories about regular people coping with Alzheimer's.



Brave Hearts
Connecting with the Past, Winter, 2006

Cross & Quill Newsletter
Creating A Writing Space, Sept./Oct., 2006
Learning to Write for an International Audience, Sept./Oct. 2009

Discipleship Journal, DJ Plus Section
Assisting the Aged, Oct., 2006

The Dollar Stretcher
The Recycled Computer, 2006
Saving on Pool Expense, 2007
Saving Money with a Coal Stove, 2009

FrontLine Magazine
Preventing Abuse in the Church, Sept./Oct. 2003
Beginning Personal Bible Study, May/June 2004
Ministering to the Community, May/June 2006

Phyllis Huie
How to Live in a Hostile Environment Tract, 2004

Priority Magazine
Learning to Give, Winter, 2007

Relate Magazine
Prayer, a Universal Need, 2007

The Sentinel, Article for the "In Our Opinion" column
Home Education is Another Choice, July, 2002

Times Herald-Record, Article for the "My View" column
Bigotry is Keeping Pryor Off the Federal Bench, 2003


Web Content

2008March 2014

Content writer on a variety of subjects posted on "lens" pages. My digital photos were used as illustrations. Topics included recipe and kitchen appliance lenses, pet lenses, biographical lenses, holiday lenses, beauty lenses, inspirational lenses, and entertainment lenses.

Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 KR, April, 2008

At the Center
The Making of An Effective Counselor, June, 2007
Adoption:  A Part of the Counseling Plan, Feb., 2008

The Dabbling Mum
Surprised by Success, Feb., 2007

Simple Joy
10 Steps to a Clean House, Jan., 2007

History's Women
Lottie Moon, Missionary to China, Oct., 2006

The Hazards of Holding Onto Sin, 2004

Life Action Ministries Rebuilders’ Team Newsletter 
God at Work:  “A Holy Life is Worth It”, June, 2003



2011, Helium.com
Top Three Life Principles
God's Guidelines for Sexual Behavior

2010, Helium.com
Wisdom in God's Commands (2nd article)
The Importance of Writing Down Your Grandparents' Stories
30 Daily Affirmations

Having a Vision (e-book content)
"About us" (web page content)
How to Conduct a Genealogy Surname Search
How to Install a Winter Pool Cover

2009, Helium.com
Copywriting: 25 White Pine Canyon Road
Mid-Atlantic area: How has the recession impacted real estate sales and prices in [your city]?
Mid-Atlantic: Tips for the first-time home-buyer in [your town] in tight economic times

Mid-Atlantic: Buying foreclosed homes in [your city]
House for sale: How to gain curb appeal in New York while watching your budget
Tips to help sell your home in New York

The Wisdom in God's Commands

2008, Helium.com
High-End Pool Trends for 2008
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the School Aged Child
Custom Exterior Shutters:  Benefits of Wood Shutters

How Custom Exterior Shutters Can Increase Curb Appeal for a Faster Home Sale
Swimming Pool Maintenance

2006-2007, Writing to Inspire
36 U.S. Destination Articles


Book Reviews

The Faith by Chuck Colson and Harold Fickett
The Hiding Place by Elizabeth Sherrill
Ablaze with His Glory by Del Fehsenfeld



2005 SUNY Empire State College - Highland, NY
Bachelor of Science in Business, Management, & Economics



A 2006 Winner of the National Novel Writing Month Contest


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